The Bible for The Conservative Christian Naturist
The Alpha & Omega Bible (AOB)
A Study Bible & Restoration of the Original Scriptures

Compiled, edited, translated & published by I Saw The Light Ministries
Copyright 2015, 2021 I Saw The Light Ministries

The Alpha & Omega Bible is a restoration of the original scriptures, as much as we are able to do in modern times considering all available resources. But it is also a study bible, which means it also contains publisher notes to help you with your study of the holy bible. Not only is the translation itself unique, but also the notes too. The notes are what really makes this study bible of great interest to people interested in naturism and the naturist/nudist lifestyle. The notes accurately declare the true interpretation/explanation of scripture concerning natural Christian nudity/nudism. It is not a sin to be who God made us, in the condition that He made us, which includes in the nude/naked. It is not a sin for a man to go shirtless in public, not even for a woman to be shirtless where law allows. But more than barechestedness, the rest of the human body is also innocent and should not be banned. Our bodies are not sin. The flesh is not sin. God did not create sin. Sin entered into mankind by the devil. Adam and Eve, male and female, were both totally naked and not ashamed, and not sinful, in the garden of Eden, until sin entered in. The sin had nothing to do with nudity. Their shame existed was only after their minds were corrupt with sin.

The Alpha & Omega Study Bible points out in each verse of innocent nudity, that it is not wrong or sinful. In the back of the New Testament volume, there is a subject index which includes references to innocent nudity/naturism.

This bible translation is also unique in the fact that it is constantly undergoing editing and improvement on a regular basis, and the improvements are released in paperback every 6 months; compared to years for other bible translations and publications! And we update the online PDF free download at least once or twice a month. We plan on improving the notes to speak about naturism and the naturist lifestyle even more in the next few weeks! This is the must have bible translation and study bible for naturists and all bible students! If you want the bare truth, you need to get this bible!

To learn more about what makes the AOB (Alpha & Omega Bible) unique, and about the translation itself, and where to get it, please click here.

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