The Alpha & Omega Bible (AOB)
A Study Bible & Restoration of the Original Scriptures

Compiled, edited, translated & published by I Saw The Light Ministries
Copyright 2015, 2021 I Saw The Light Ministries

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Please note that "The Alpha & Omega Bible" is a translation of scripture published by I Saw The Light Ministries. We are not affiliated in any way with "Alpha Omega Publications" or "Alpha and Omega Ministries" or "Alpha and Omega Outreach Ministries". Those organizations do not have any bible translation called "The Alpha & Omega Bible".

We are glad to present this website to you without a fancy high tech design. Many people in Africa and around the world do not have high speed internet, and therefore it's extremely important for our site to be accessible by very slow internet; and have a very basic design. "Old school" is often better in reality.

The Alpha & Omega Bible (AOB) is a 5 volume study bible and restoration of the original scriptures. This translation is a compilation of scriptures from the Paleo-Hebrew fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls, a revision of Brenton’s translation of the Old Testament Greek Septuagint (LXX), as well as both testaments from the Codex Sinaiticus, the Codex Alexandrinus, and the Codex Vaticanus and many other ancient manuscripts.

The translation of the Old Testament is based mostly upon Sir Lancelot Brenton's translation of the Greek Septuagint (LXX), as well as the Codex Vaticanus, Codex Sinaiticus & Codex Alexandrinus. But we also consider the more ancient Paleo-Hebrew fragments & manuscripts such as the Dead Sea Scrolls and other ancient scrolls. Therefore, this Old Testament is not just a modern revision of Brenton's translation and is not based only upon the Greek Septuagint. But rather, combines information from Brenton's translation (with more modern English), information from ancient Paleo-Hebrew manuscripts including the Greek portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls and information from other ancient bible manuscripts, all together, thereby restoring the original scriptures as much as is possible in modern times.

The New Testament translation is based mostly upon the Nestle-Aland Novum Testamentum Graece 27th & 28th editions, Codex Vaticanus & other ancient Greek manuscripts that are older & more reliable than the pagan Masoretic manuscripts that most modern bibles have been based upon. Although, for both the Old & New Testaments, we also examine & consider the traditional Masoretic Received Text and 20+ other translations including the very first complete printed bible, the "Complutensian Bible". But we give precedence to the oldest & most complete Greek manuscripts.

This translation stays more true to the actual meaning of the Hebrew & Greek words rather than the traditional translations of words. For example, the tradition is to always translate the Aramaic "chagag" & the Greek "heorte" to "feast" such as in "the Feast of Tabernacles". However, the actual meaning of these words is "fiesta", a festival, a celebration, a holiday, to reel back & forth, not a feast of food, although the keeping of a celebration can include feasting.

All other English translations traditionally use "heaven(s)" whenever referring to the sky, universe or Heaven itself, making no distinction. Whereas, this translation clearly makes the necessary distinction in each case.

"The Holy Spirit" is translated "The Holy Breath" because the ancient Hebrew, Aramaic & Greek words for "spirit" in the phrase "The Holy Spirit" actually mean "breath, air or wind". The Word of God is spoken via the breath of God. This is an important connection to make.

"God" is written as "Theos" because that's exactly what was written by the apostles in the New Testament and was also what Jesus and the apostles read in the Old Testament scriptures that they used.

Whenever a Hebrew or Greek word is too difficult to translate with 100% accuracy, we choose to actually keep the original word rather than translate it, then list the possible translations, giving the reader more insight into the possibilities.

We also choose to maintain the actual Hebrew/Greek word whenever the word is still known in modern times, such as "Amen". Many other modern English translations have a tradition of translating "Amen" as "truly" or "verily", which is not necessary. So you can see that this translation is truly more accurate.

Mixture of British English More Understood Worldwide

The AOB is translated into a mixture of both American and British English spelling. Neighbor = Neighbour. Honor = Honour. Labor = Labour. Color = Colour. Most modern bible translations are published by American corporations and are in American English. But most of the world speaks British English. Unlike most other bibles, the AOB is not focused on only Americans. This is an international ministry and therefore the AOB translation should reach out to all of the world. This mixture of British English also helps the "KJV only" people to more easily adapt to this more accurate translation, since a lot of the Old English of the KJV is similar to British English. But the AOB doesn't use Victorian Old English such as "thee" and "thou", therefore is also more appropriate for modern readers. The AOB leans more toward American English but does include a mixture of British English. It also maintains some Paleo-Hebrew and Greek and Aramaic words, without translation, with notes to explain.

Non-traditional Study Bible

This is a study bible, which means that we have included notes which help explain some of the verses. We have not included as many notes as you would find in most study bibles, but the many notes that we have included are more accurate to scripture than what you find in the denominational study bibles. The fact is that all other study bible publishers push their own traditional denominational doctrines in their notes.
This is the only study bible that we know of that gives true and accurate explanations rather than the traditional denominational doctrinal errors of mankind. If you want to stay in your comfort zone of traditional doctrinal errors, then this is not the bible for you. But if you sincerely want to grow in the truth, and are willing to go deeper into the word of God than you have ever gone before, then this is definitely the bible for you.

Special Colors and Fonts: Red Letter Editions and Blue Letters

All scriptures are written in UPPER CASE as was the case with the original scriptures. Notes are typed in (lowercase black italics in parenthesis). In the full color editions of this bible, all Old Testament scriptures will appear in blue except for the words of The Creator Himself which will appear in dark red in Genesis, Exodus, Amos, Micah & the New Testament, as well as a few other places in the Old Testament. Due to limited time before the Great Tribulation, we have not yet put all of the words of the Creator in red in all of the Old Testament. In the full color editions, when the New Testament quotes from the Old Testament, it will appear in blue even if it is the words of The Creator Himself, to show that it is an Old Testament quotation. In the black & white printed editions of this publication, all words will appear in black due to printing cost, but will retain the special fonts for the words of The Creator & for Old Testament quotations.

Jews = Judeans

The word "Jews" is a relatively new English word that never appeared in any writing until the 1500's. The bible originally actually said "Judeans". This is important because by using the original word of "Judeans", it keeps the connection between the land of Judea and the Jews having the right to the land. Israel is the land of Judea. It is not Palestine. The Judeans have the right to the land, as the bible says many times.


The AOB includes only the books of the bible that can be absolutely proven to have been part of the original scriptures. This includes Esdras, Tobit, Judith, additions to Esther, Wisdom of Solomon, Ecclesiasticus of the Wisdom of Sirach, Baruch, Epistle of Jeremias, 1-4 Maccabees, the Prayer of Manasseh, Bel and the Dragon, Susanna & The Song of the 3 Children. Despite the claims of mainstream traditional religion, when correctly translated, these books do not contradict the scriptures. They were acknowledged as scripture during the time that Jesus walked in the human flesh on Earth. They were originally also part of the King James Bible, as well as the Geneva Bible before then. They are an important and very edifying part of scripture. The AOB cross references the Apocrypha in New Testament related verses.
However, the AOB does not include the so called "lost books of Eden", "book of Enoch", "book of Jasher", "book of Jubilees" or any other claimed lost or forgotten book of the bible that cannot be proven. Although Enoch and other books are extremely popular, the fact is that these books contradict scripture and were never part of the bible. In all of my years of ministry, I have never seen any good fruit come from these additional "lost" books, but rather nothing but tons of false doctrine, demonic cults and other rotten, bad, evil fruit. Many people will debate this because they refuse to confess that they have embraced demonic deception, but I know what I have experienced first hand in dealing with thousands of people in the ministry worldwide.
I don't agree with every word in the following 2 articles, but they do provide more than enough accurate proof against the book of Enoch. Therefore, I provide them for your research.

Israel = JESRAEL

The traditional spelling & pronunciation of Israel is wrong. The claim is that the last 2 letters "el" is the part of the word that means "God". El does mean god, but the last 5 letters "srael" means "Sarah" which means "persist/preserve/strive". So it is not the last 2 letters of Israel that means "God". But rather it is the first letter which is the letter called "Jot", the same as the 1st letter of Jesus. Strong's Concordance says "Yisrael", but "Yi" does not mean God, nor is it God's name. Everyone realizes that there is a vowel sound at the beginning, & therefore the rule of the Jot letter demands the pronunciation of "JE" which includes the g like sound & the e sound together as one. Theos did not fully reveal his name of Jesus until Moses at the burning bush. But here, He hints at it, & thus the reason for the questioning of each other's names!

Restoring The Name of The Creator to The Old Testament

It is totally documented, indisputable fact that the words "The LORD" in the Old Testament replaced the original Name of The Creator/God. But there is a debate about what was originally written as His Name in the Old Testament. Was it YHWH, YHVH, Jehovah, Yahweh or what? The Holy Spirit taught us that the original divine name of the Creator in the Old Testament was "Jesus" and gave all of us total, undeniable proof! Click here to see undeniable solid proof that YHVH/YHWH, Yahweh, Jehovah was never written in the original scriptures. Therefore Jesus led us to restore His Holy Name of "Jesus" to the Old Testament. We have only one God. His name is Jesus! Always has been, always will be. The bible says that He does not change! In addition to calling this bible "The Alpha & Omega Bible", you could also all this "the Jesus Bible" due to the restoration of the name of Jesus to the Old Testament.

Constantly Updated for Accuracy and Additional Notes

The King James Version bible was updated many times between 1611 and 1982. Most people have never seen a 1611 version. Most people who believe only in the KJV actually have never touched a 1611 version. Most "KJV only" people actually own the 1873 update, not the original 1611. The New King James Version was published in 1982 because it was very clear that the older KJV was not accurate. But the New KJV never went far enough on corrections.
The NIV and the NASB and other bibles have also been updated. The reality is that it is impossible to have a 100% completely accurate bible translation because many ancient bible manuscripts were destroyed by the Assyrians, the Romans and the Roman Catholic Church. Many other ancient bible manuscripts were destroyed by water, dirt and time. In addition to those hindrances, the ancient languages are not fully understood to modern day bible scholars and language experts. To many people's surprise, there actually is not full agreement on how to pronounce or spell ancient words, nor is there full agreement on definitions. But as we progress through time, we are discovering more manuscripts and learning more about the ancient languages. Thus, the need for updates to modern translations. Also, the mere size of the entire bible increases the chances for typos and errors.
Most other bible publishers wait multiple years before releasing updates to their translation. And the general public have little to no influence upon those updates. The ears of those translators are closed to the public.
But The Alpha & Omega Bible is updated on a constant basis, every few days, as we continue to grow in knowledge in THE LORD and as we gain additional information from ancient manuscripts and input from the general public. The AOB started in 2015 and is now more accurate than ever before and increases in the number of study notes almost weekly. Therefore you don't have to wait years! (We don't claim that our translation is 100% accurate, but rather just the most accurate.)

Other Bibles Teach That You Must Hate Everyone

In the sample text below, you can see that the KJV & most all other translations in Luke 14:26 says that we must hate our parents and everyone else too, which goes completely contrary to scripture! The Alpha & Omega Bible uniquely & correctly translates it as "willing to forsake when necessary". It's insane that most other bibles say that you must hate everyone in order to go to Heaven! This proves that "The Alpha & Omega Bible" is truly the most accurate bible translation!

Sample Text:

Luke 14:26 KJV "If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple".

Genesis 1:1 IN THE BEGINNING (Aρχή first letter Alpha), THE THEOS (Alpha & Omega) CREATED (perfectly without flaw, without waste, without corruption) THE UNIVERSE AND THE EARTH.

Exodus 3:

Exodus 6



For more comparisons between KJV & AOB, please click here.

Why The Paperbacks are 5 Volumes and Will Never Be in Only One Volume

We are not able to print the entire AOB in just only one volume paperback or hardback for several reasons.
Reason #1: Many of the oldest bibles were originally published in 4 - 5 volumes. We did not realize that when we first came to understand that it was our only real option. Therefore, it became clear to us that it was the will of God to have it as 5 volumes as was anciently done. This makes it even closer to the originals, in addition to being in all capital letters as the originals scriptures had. (And before bibles were done in 4 - 5 volumes, usually each scroll would include only one book of the bible.)
Reason #2: We don't use any of the famous big publishers. We are self published. Plus, we don't receive much financial tithes or offerings/donations. Without having much money and without the help of big publishers, we are very limited to what we could do, such as not being able to have hardcovers and one volume. We just simply don't have the ability. If we were to go with the big publishers, they would tell us what we can keep in the bible and what we can't keep in the bible. This is a fact of all of the big bible publishers. So it's a good thing to be self published, despite the limitations.
Reason #3: Five volumes allows us to use much larger font for people who can't see well such as most people in their 50's and older. And also the pages are much thicker, so that they don't get easily torn or bent, nor bleed through. Even if we chose thinner paper and smaller font, our printer still doesn't allow one volume. So we are stuck with the only option of having very nice paper and really nice size font. It all works out for the best.

Reviews for the paperback copies of The Alpha & Omega Bible:

5 stars from Fiona from Jamaica:
I must express my appreciation towards I Saw The Light Ministries for allowing Jesus to use them to translate the bible to the AOB, in context and from the Holy breath revelatory knowledge, what I have realized with other translations is that many translated the bible without the Holy breath in the midst, hence they rely on their own intellectual abilities/the flesh to interpret and translate resulting in lots of out of context and erroneous teachings. I must admit that I can sense a big difference through this translation.
I do have a copy of the KJV bible and I was one of those who would tell others to stick to the KJV only; and then at one point I literally lost interest in reading it, which I did find strange. I had absolutely no desire towards it. I would force myself to read it until I came across the AOB.
From the time that I came across this ministry in about April - May, 2020 I have never gone pass one day or night without reading the AOB for hours. I read the entire New Testament at first in less than a month. Then I started from Genesis, I'm about to begin the book of Acts, going all the way to Revelation, then am going to read again and again. This translation is so easy to read and understand and not only that, but also it open my eyes to a lot of nonsense that I was taught, also many things I did not know but now I have come to the knowledge of it. This is a must have copy for all, especially to new born again believers, not to mention the awesome teachings on the website. Those who truly desire truth will be led where it is being taught. I Praise Jesus for the day that I clicked the link to I Saw The Light Ministries!

5 stars from Robert from New Jersey:
"I came across The Alpha & Omega Bible while researching scripture in detail. There is no other translation like it. The commentary makes many incredible claims, which I have researched in attempt to confirm or debunk them. Every single time, I have found nothing but pure and scriptural truth. If you've been confused and misled by the traditional teachings of the denominational churches, then this will help you to overcome all confusion and to understand the truth.
The Alpha and Omega Bible is no doubt the best way to learn and to study the gospel of Jesus. Even if all you do is study the commentary, comparing against the relevant passages in other translations, you will learn considerably. This translation ought to be known to everyone who wants to surrender to and serve Jesus, all over the world.
The paperback has large font, large margins, and extra thick paper. This makes it very easy to read and to search and to mark up with notes."

5 Stars from Peter in Australia: "I came across the Alpha and Omega Bible (AOB) while searching which bible is the most accurate. Ever since I received a copy, there is no question in my mind that this is the most accurate bible out there. It is literally the best translation out there! After thousands of years of corrupted bibles, the AOB shines above the rest.
Great study bible for anyone willing to learn the truth. Includes Old Testament quotes if quoted by Jesus or the apostles in a different font. Easy to understand and good sized fonts for easy reading.
Includes the history of the bible and emergency numbers /subject index at the back. This bible is a must have for anyone who is willing to learn the truth. This bible is definitely worthy of 5 stars!"

5 stars from A.J. in S. Korea: "For over twelve years, I had sought church that teaches Truth of God that satisfying my soul, but I've eventually failed to discover until last year. While I was in sermon, I cried out "Please save me, LORD!", and I believe that Jesus heard my crying and he led me finding out a true church through the internet.
As written in Amos 8:11, though famines is everywhere to prevent to hear Word of God, that does not mean it is impossible to find out the true word. English acts like kind of barrier to Korean. I truly recommend fellow Koreans to read The Alpha and Omega Bible published by I Saw The Light Ministries, because you will come to realize that this bible is written and published by a true follower of Jesus. Just as God has said that true Christians are taught with the help of the Holy Spirit and know everything, I am sure that the interpretation and commentary of The Alpha and Omega Bible will never be found in any other teaching.
It is not easy for anyone who speaks English as well as Koreans to read the various materials written in English as well as Hebrew and Greek, to check their authenticity. As you learn by yourself in 1 Thessalonians 5:21 to verify everything, you will soon find that the ultimate truth (that you find after much trial and error and many hours of learning that you have been through) is in The Alpha and Omega Bible.
Do not miss the opportunity to know the truth of God to us, the last generation, and pray that you will succeed in discovering the truth with The Alpha and Omega Bible.

5 stars from Kiki in Australia: "The Alpha & Omega Bible editions are of excellent value. Up to date truth! The bible written accurately for the first time in over hundreds of years. Explains bible in introduction, history of the Bible & concerning the Word Of Theos (God). Even explains where verses had been added or taken away. Excellent for bible study! Has many notes throughout to help explain/understand bible verses. Revelation notes explained in detail like never before. E.g. Rev. 13:18 shows 3 pictures, what John actually drew, what the mark of the beast truly is. At the end of Revelation is an extra read: Explains 7 seals, 7 trumpets, 7 plagues. Book binding is also well held. Cover and paper is of strong quality. Words are of good size quality. I can read without my magnify glasses. Verse layout is great & I now only read these Alpha & Omega bibles. A must for those who sincerely want to read & study the true word of God."

Free Download

This online download is in one volume that includes everything including each book of the Old Testament Apocrypha in the proper place in between books of the Old Testament and also including the New Testament. Total 1,151 pages. Feel free to save to your computer, and/or burn onto CD or DVD. Do not sell. Do not edit. Do not remove copyright notices.
To only view and read but not save to computer, click on the name of the file below. (Some phones might actually also save the file in your downloads or other folder even if you just want to read it.)
Recommended: To save to your computer for the first time, Right click on the name of the file and then click "Save as" or "Save target as". Choose what folder on your computer to save the file into. Once the file is saved, you can open it from the saved location on your computer and read. Each month, please come back here and look for the date of the last edit. Right click on the updated file. Click "Save". This will automatically update the file you already have on your computer. All files are in PDF format. Almost all computers & phones already have a PDF reader pre-installed. If not, I recommend Foxit PDF Reader and you may click here to download the PDF reader.

This is the link to download the bible for free
The Alpha & Omega Bible: Complete Full Color With Apocrypha
15 MB Latest PDF update: Sept. 16, 2021.
Please check back every month for the most recent online update, as we will be continuing to edit and improve the translation often, thus the online version will not always match the paperback editions 100%. But I encourage everyone to please attain a paperback copy because in the Great Tribulation, you may lose access to electricity. Every time that anyone orders a paperback, they will receive the most recent updated print copy, which we also update every 6 months now. The latest paperback editions were updated June 28, 2021.


The Alpha & Omega Bible is available in E-Sword!
The E-Sword version of the AOB was updated on July 16, 2021.
The E-Sword program is very well known and loved by millions of people all around the world. It's a great program that you download onto your computer that will help you to compare bible translations and to study the bible. You'll also be able to navigate quickly from book to book of the bible, instead of having to go by page number like you have to do with the PDF file above. Search is also enhanced. Also when you cursor over a bible verse reference inside of the notes, the referring bible verse pops up on the screen, so that you don't even need to turn to that verse to check it out. (This feature doesn't work on Apple products.)
However, in the E-Sword AOB, the words of God are not in red or bold. And the Old Testament quotations in the New Testament are also not in a special font, or in blue. There are no special colors or special fonts in the E-Sword edition. Therefore, we still encourage everyone to download the PDF, and also to attain the paperback copies. But we offer the E-Sword version as well, to help you with study and comparison, much faster search and faster/easier navigation from book to book.
Another difference in the E-sword is that the book of Susanna is listed as Daniel 1 and the book of Bel & The Dragon is listed as Daniel 14. Therefore, all chapter numbers of Daniel are different than normal. This is the only way that we could get these books of the bible into E-sword. But that is actually more accurate anyway, as these books were originally part of Daniel. In the PDF and the paperbacks, they appear as their own books in front of Daniel and after the end of Daniel, because most people now consider these are separate books, and thus to help you understand which chapters/books are now considered as "Apocrypha".

1. First, download the E-Sword program for free at
(GNU/Linux users will first need to download the Wine program.)
2. After download, close the program if it was open. You can not download AOB from the "Resources" or "Downloads" menu in the E-Sword program. You must follow the steps below to download directly from the Bible Support website.
3. Go to§ion=register and register for a free account.
4. Then go to and click on "Download".
5. Then click the box next to "I Agree".
6. Then click "Agree & Download".
7. Then download the correct file for your computer or phone. (Be sure to save the file into the E-Sword Program folder. On Windows, this would be in C:\Program Files (x86)/Esword
aob.bbli is for Mac, iOS, iPad, iPad.
aob.bblx is for Windows computers.

8. Then after the correct file above is downloaded, start the E-Sword program from the icon on your desktop. AOB should appear in the bible window.
9. Then download any other bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, etc that you want to use in E-sword for comparison or study.
10. Post on your calendar, a reminder to download/update your electronic copy every month to be sure to attain the most accurate copy. When updating AOB versions with new updates, you might have to restart your computer after downloading the new updates.

Listen to the Entire Alpha & Omega Bible Online! Or Download Audio to Listen Later Off-line!

Listen online or download mp3 audio files at These files are stored on pCloud. No registration required. No installation required. Works on most computers and phones. Updated Sept. 17, 2021.
Secondary alternative link if the above doesn't work good for you = AOB audio at

Editions Available: The Alpha & Omega Bible (AOB) is Available in 4 Different Editions.

1. The online free PDF download available above.
2. The E-Sword edition, also above.
3. B/W Paperback: Five volumes, large print, large margins. This is the paperback edition that I highly recommend.
4. Color Paperback: Five volumes, large print, large margins. This is the most expensive of all of the editions. (The color edition is discontinued until December.)
(See below for more information on the B/W paperbacks, and then the full color paperbacks after that.)

5 Volumes, Large Print, Black & White Print Paperback Bibles

This is the set/edition that I recommend to everyone. This is the best buy.
I also suggest that you make or purchase "bible index tabs" which you can stick onto the edges of each book of the bible, for quick turning to the book that you are looking for. The names of the books of the bible are not listed at the top of each page.
BW Law BW History BW Wisdom BW Prophets BW New Testament

Volume 1 = Torah/Law/Pentateuch, black & white edition. (227 Pages)
Large Print, Large Margins (One full inch on bottom. Side margins wide also.)
ISBN-13: 978-1981917938 ISBN-10: 1981917934
This volume includes only the law books of: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.
Scripture font = 8 Verdana uppercase all caps. (Verdana font is larger than Ariel, Courier New and Times New Roman fonts.)
Study notes font = Verdana 8 lowercase italics.
The words of God are in bold large font of Al Julian, size 10 and all caps in Genesis, Exodus, Micah, Amos & a few other select places limited.

Volume 2 = History, black & white edition. (341 pages)
Large Print, Large Margins.
ISBN-13: 978-1981922888 ISBN-10: 1981922881
This volume includes only the history books of: Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel (1 Kingdoms), 2 Samuel (2 Kingdoms), 1 Kings (3 Kingdoms), 2 Kings (4 Kingdoms), 1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles, 1 Ezra, 2 Ezra, Nehemiah, Tobit (Apocrypha), Judith (Apocrypha), Esther, 1 Maccabees, 2 Macc, 3 Macc, 4 Macc. (1-4 Macc are Apocrypha).
Scripture font = Verdana size 8, uppercase all caps.
Study notes font = Verdana size 9 lowercase italics.
The words of God are in the font of Al Julian, size 9 uppercase all caps in only a few select verses.

Volume 3 = Wisdom & Psalms, black & white edition. (161 pages)
Large Print, Large Margins.
ISBN-13: 978-1982059255 ISBN-10: 1982059257
This volume includes only the Songs and Wisdom books of: Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs Which is Solomon's, Wisdom of Solomon (Apocrypha), Wisdom of Sirach (Ecclesiasticus - Apocrypha).
Scripture font = Verdana size 8 all uppercase all caps.
Study notes font = Verdana size 9 lowercase italics.
This volume does not put any of the words of God in special font.

Volume 4 = The Prophets, black & white edition. (207 pages)
Large Print, Large Margins.
ISBN-13: 978-1984201386 ISBN-10: 1984201387
This volume includes only the prophetic books of: Isaiah,Jeremiah, Lamentations, Baruch (Apocrypha), Epistle of Jeremiah (Apocrypha), Ezekiel, Susanna (Apocrypha), Daniel, Bel & The Dragon (Apocrypha), Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah & Malachi.
Scripture font = Verdana size 8 all uppercase all caps.
Study notes font = Verdana 9 lowercase italics.
Words of God font = Al Julian 10 bold in Amos, Micah and a few other select verses.

New Testament, black & white edition. (290 pages)
Large Print, Medium size margins.
ISBN-13: 978-1540774057 ISBN-10: 1540774058
Scripture font = Calibri 9 all uppercase all caps.
Study notes font = Calibri 10 lowercase italics.
Words of Jesus font = Bold Al Julian size 9.
Old Testament quotations & referrals are in a special font and underlined with wavy lines.

In the USA, order all 5 black and white volumes here.
Inside the USA, please use this one link to order the complete set of all 5 paperback volumes of the AOB in black ink for a donation of only $46.70 including shipping. No tax will be added. You are ordering directly from our ministry, but Amazon will ship the bibles to you. We do not stock the bibles in advance and neither does Amazon. So it takes time to print and pack and ship. You can expect to receive your bibles in 2 - 3 weeks. All of your communication will be directly with our ministry and not Amazon. Please take note that sometimes the 5 volumes are shipped in 2 packages arriving on different dates. This is how Amazon does it. If you receive a partial shipment, you will receive the other volumes later.
Please click here to order the entire set of black and white paperbacks in the USA.
For international orders outside of the USA, you must use the links for, lower on this page.

Important notice: The full color editions are discontinued until December or later.

International Orders: Outside of the USA

Outside of the USA, you must order from below. Please be sure to order all 5 volumes. Free shipping.
(Do not order "used copies" from anyone, because those will be out of date and not the most accurate!)

Outside of the USA: Black & White Paperbacks. Black ink only. These are the cheapest.

Volume 1: Torah/Law. Black & white. Add to cart. Then click below to add the next volume.
Volume 2: History. Black & white. Add to cart. Then click below to add the next volume.
Volume 3: Wisdom & Pslams. Black & white. Add to cart. Then click below to add the next volume.
Volume 4: Prophets: Black & white. Add to cart. Then click below to add the next volume.
Volume 5: New Testament: Black & white.
Add to cart. And then click "Check Out". Be sure that all 5 volumes are in your cart.

Important notice: The full color editions are discontinued until December or later.

Stay Updated

Be informed of updates, edits, new releases and news concerning The AOB. Subscribe to the AOB updates notifications by clicking here. Please note that "The Alpha & Omega Bible" is a translation of scripture published by I Saw The Light Ministries. We are not affiliated in any way with "Alpha Omega Publications" or "Alpha and Omega Ministries" or "Alpha and Omega Outreach Ministries". Those organizations do not have any bible translation called "The Alpha & Omega Bible".

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